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Sea Asparagus (Sea Beans)

Product Description

This cactus-like plant can be found along salty marshes in coastal areas off Vancouver Island and is known primarily for its salty flavour. This marine plant is also known as Marsh Samphire, Celicornia or Glasswort and it thrives in saline environments.

Widely used in Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, it is a matchstick-thin vegetable that looks like a bean with "tentacles". Serve it fresh in salads or boil for 2-3 minutes to remove some of the saltiness and add to stir fries. This unique vegetable has a very high mineral profile, containing 92 different trace minerals. These plants are surrounded by these minerals for their entire growing life, so these trace minerals become available for you when you consume them. They are also a source of unique carbohydrate-related nutrients called "sulfated polysaccharides" that have been studied for their anti-inflammatory affects.

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