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Portabellas, also known as portabellos, have a fabulous flavour profile and meaty texture. They are very versatile and easy to prepare. Portabellas can range in size from 3” diameter (Portabellini) to 6”+ diameter (Large Portabella).

Grilled, roasted or quickly sautéed, Portabellas can stand in for everything from a T-bone steak to a hearty hamburger. Few foods are as versatile as Portabella mushrooms. Serve them as appetizers, entrees or side dishes; cooked on the grill, under the broiler, oven-roasted or in the skillet or microwave.

Refrigerate portabellas as soon as you get them home in order to maintain optimum quality and freshness. Store them in brown paper bags unless they are purchased in over-wrap packages, in which case, only open the package just prior to use. Prepare portabellas by giving them a quick rinse and wiping them dry with a paper towel. If the stems are attached, trim the bottoms prior to cooking.

Varieties Available: Large, Medium, Portabellini and Crimini. Jumbo Crimini available by special order.

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