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Chanterelle Mushrooms - North America

Product Description

Chanterelle mushrooms come in a wide range of colours, from orange and yellow to even white and blue. The most commonly used variety is the Golden or Yellow Chanterelle.

The caps of these mushrooms are funnel-shaped with forked gills on the underside that run all the way down its stalk. As meaty mushrooms, with a fruity smell and peppery taste, Chanterelles provide significant flavour to many recipes.  When added to a dish, they reduce the need for strong herbs and spices, such as garlic, which may compete with the mushrooms' flavour.

Chanterelles are very versatile and can be added to a wide array of dishes. They are often stewed, marinated, and sautéed and go well with eggs, chicken, pork and veal. They can even be used as a gourmet pizza topping or a filling for savoury crepes!

As a Wild forest product, Chanterelles need to be cleaned prior to cooking with them. It is best to gently remove any conifer needles or dirt with a mushroom brush or cloth. You can also give them a quick rinse under cold water to give them a thorough cleansing but only do so prior to use and not for storage.

Chanterelles are predominantly available in North America from August to December with a highly prized variety coming from Saskatchewan in late July.

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