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Bunashimeji - Beech Mushroom

Product Description

The Bunashimeji mushroom is readily available in two forms: the Brown Beech and the White Beech varieties. These mushrooms grow in bunches of 3 inch stems topped with dime sized brown or white coloured caps. Scientifically known as Hypsizygus Tessellatus, these mushrooms are considered a true delicacy in Japan due to their crisp texture, with crunchy and juicy meat that has a nutty herb like flavor when cooked.

Shimejis are excellent choices to use in soups or stews and can also be used in stir fries but they should not be consumed raw. The flavour and ability to digest it will not be very pleasant.

Always keep Shimeji’s refrigerated and try to consume within 8-10 days of opening. Simply trim the base of the cluster so each mushroom is individually cut at the stem. Wash or brush lightly if necessary to remove any dirt particles and then prepare by cooking.

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1.00 LBS
Usually ships in 24 hours from Sunday to Thursday.

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