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February Product Feature - Shiitake Mushrooms!

Posted by Christa on

Fresh and Dried Shiitake mushrooms offers diversity.

The shiitake mushroom is arguably one of the most popular mushrooms in Asia and has become quite the fixture in European and North American cuisine as well. As a staple for a lot of Asian dishes, it often pops up on the ingredients list for stir-fries, Asian soups and sides. The shiitake offers a diversity of flavour, which means it also works well in traditionally European dishes like lasagna and risotto. It has even become popular as a vegan alternative to bacon. Stay tuned as I will be putting this to the test next week!

You can most often find shiitake mushrooms at your local supermarket in both fresh and dried form. It can be argued that the most flavour comes from the dried shiitake as the drying process helps to draw out the umami inherently present in this delicious fungi.

Stay tuned for some shiitake recipes and see how shiitake bacon stacks up!