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Black Woodear, 1 lb

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Black Wood Ear, 1 lb (Product of Asia)

The Wood Ear have a firm, thick skin and an interesting jelly-like, springy yet soft texture when fresh that becomes slightly crunchy when cooked. This mushroom is highly regarded and much used in Asian cooking.

It is often called for as an ingredient in pork recipes, though they can be used with most meats. Adding Wood Ear to miso, eggflower or any other Oriental soup gives the dish an authentic flavor and interesting texture.

A wonderful cream pasta sauce can be made with onions, garlic, basil and sliced Wood Ears or they're great in stir-fry and stuffing giving both visual appeal and a crunchy texture. They're not strong in flavor compared to some other popular exotics - yet, boasting a very delicate forest aroma and a mild, earthy essence.

Widely respected in the Orient for its taste, Wood Ear mushrooms are also believed to have medicinal benefits - thought by many to prevent heart disease and contain anticoagulant-type substances, acting like blood thinners that may prevent blood clots.

Dried wood ear mushrooms can be reconstituted by covering them with boiling water/broth and allowing the wood ear mushrooms to steep until they are soft, 12-15 minutes, or by added them to a simmering liquid 20 minutes before serving. Wood ear mushrooms will absorb the flavors of the foods they are cooked in.

Sautéed: Lightly sauté reconstituted wood ear mushrooms (and possibly shallots) in butter until tender, or for approximately four minutes.

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